Counseling for Adult and Adolescent

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Counseling for Adult and Adolescent

GuidanceClinicIndia also extends valuable service in the field of behavioral problems and emotional difficulties of adults and adolescents. Individual cases are treated within their relationship. A psychological analysis of family structure and other factors of the concerned client, the counselor can detect the cause of the problems and design a plan for resolution.

Adolescent behavioral problems may arise owing to one are many of the following  reasons:-

  • Bereavement;
  • Depression;
  • Domestic Violence;
  • Infertility;
  • Infidelity;
  • Marital Difficulties;
  • Substance Abuse;
  • Lack of interest in manual work;
  • Lack of inadequate facilities for work or study;
  • Adjustment to emotional problems;
  • Vocational mal-adjustment;
  • Lack of balance between security and freedom;
  • Constructive suggestion and assignment of proper exercises for utilization of their excess emotion and energy proves of great help in such cases.
  • Social mixing is considered important for psychological well being at this level.

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Step I- Initial Interview: A short session with the expert counselor for exchange of basic information that would help him to understand the aspirations, interests, strengths and weakness of the student.

Step –II Testing: Results of all psychometric tests are given to the student in the form of a report card. The report is generated within 2 days. The report will have the following details:-

•            Personality profile;

•            Real interest areas with details of each Psychological test.

Step III:  Commencement of the Counseling Sessions.