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To provide psychological and counseling services covering a wide range of problems including mental, behavioral and maladjustment in different situations and also conduct psychological, psychometric, psychiatric and neuro-psychometric testing services. To undertake and provide for the documentation and publication of journals, research papers and Psychology books, and design psychological tests, questionnaires and maintain inventory of tools related to psychology and also establish a separate branch for research and development in the field of applied and allied psychological services and use information and communication technologies for knowledge empowerment and betterment of the society.

To conduct seminars in various schools, institutions and provide e- learning facility through satellite and provide face to face as well as video and Tele counseling. To undertake, promote, or engage in all kinds of research including applied and allied psychological and clinical research and development work required to promote, assist or engage in setting up laboratories and facilities for training, counseling to ensure better environment. To adopt and introduce effective measures and pursue excellence to take the R&D outputs towards commercialization and proliferation to address the requirements in India and abroad.

To organize training programmers’ for education, skill up gradation/development, and seminars and symposia on contemporary issues relating to Human Resource and Applied and Allied Psychology. To provide Human Resource consulting and assist member organizations in outsourcing such services.

To provide yoga therapy services, yoga therapy education and training and also to maintain a separate branch for research and development in yoga therapy. To establish yoga classes and manufacture yoga related materials for sales and export.