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Most of us have a natural inclination and desire to reach out to others especially at times of distress and disturbance. While some of us truly make a difference, most of us experience inadequacies and a limitation in our efforts.

Hence, we are born counselors yet we need to sharpen our skills to be effective in helping others.


Man is a social and emotional being. We at some point or the other have tried to reach out to others when they are in distress or trouble. It is human to help and comfort others. In recent times, the stresses and pressures of living are heightened and many times the coping skills are not good enough. This phenomenon is seen in children and students as well. This course is designed to build appropriate skills and thereby contribute proactively at home, in the work place and into the community at large.


  • To arrive at a wider perspective in the field of process counseling, in addition to the tradition clinical approach.
  • To develop and train individuals as agents of social change to facilitate and manage the various transitions and phases of their lives.
  • To create a pool of professionals, systematically trained in the field of counseling.
  • To train committed individuals who would facilitate exploration and dialogue around issues of systems, self and relationship at both social and work settings.
  • To create in counselors a deeper understanding of the self, role, others and systems and acquire a realistic appraisal into ones own strengths and weakness.


Mainly for teachers, HR managers, parents, individuals wanting to work with self and psychology students. It would also be useful to NGO’s, voluntary organizations, social welfare sector, mental health workers, educationalists and any body who works with similar causes at grass root level or at the macro level.

Course coverage

It is divided into 5 modules namely:-
  1. Theories of Personality
  2. Stages and definitions in counseling
  3. Psychopathology and Psychosomatic Disorders
  4. Psychological Testing and Measurement of Personality
  5. Practicing Counseling


2000 Hours Class and Practicals


Between each module there will be an assignment either in the nature of a book review, observation, presentation, journaling and writing an autobiography that will be discussed and graded. The course will be highly experiential in nature to maximize the application and to take it beyond the classroom approach. The entire module is based on the socio – cultural understanding as developed by the faculty in her 12 years experience of working as a counselor – psychologist.
Certificates will be awarded to deserving participants.

Guest speakers will talk on their fields of expertise.


Guidance Clinic India Pvt. Ltd. Research and Development Wing

Fees: Rs 6000/- (Rupees Six Thousand only) per participant.
Fee includes course fee and cost of reading material. The
cheque may please be drawn in the name of "Guidance Clinic India Pvt. Ltd."


Any Time you are comfertable
(Maximum group size no limition)