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Companies and organizations request our organizational (corporate) psychological services and counseling when they need input on human behavior as part of their planning and ongoing development.

If you  changes, you are organizational effectiveness so please join our comprehensive organizational services package.

We extend our services and advice to business establishments of the Corporate sector and different organizational set ups on the psychological aspect when they need inputs on human behavior.  This forms an important drill in the process of their planning and development. Every organization willing for dynamic changes in their effective functioning is invited to join our specially designed comprehensive package for this sector.

Institutional Services and Counseling:

Our corporate psychologists work discreetly in association with your executive staff using their knowledge and skills to help you achieve your corporate goals.

Our corporate psychological services include:

.  Psychological assessment for selection of personnel;

.  Assisting senior corporate executives to improve their communication skills;

.  Coaching and mentoring managers in developing effective problem solving skills;

.  Group problem solving training;

.  Teaching department managers the skills to counsel staff during a corporate restructure;

.  Coaching team leaders to work efficiently with their teams for better communication and higher productivity;

.  Developing interview skills;

.  Training staff to deal with difficult customers and to mediate and resolve conflicts;

.     Staff training, counseling and motivation;

.     Providing keynote speakers for corporate events;

.     Evaluation of corporate training programs;

.      Acting as mediators in resolving conflicts with difficult clients;

.     Conducting "Hypothetical Demonstration and Discussion" as part of corporate conferences;

.     Mentoring executive teams during the process of resetting corporate goals

.     Critical incident stress debriefing and management of staff;

  •  Providing suggestions to the Governments on  educational strategies to reduce the road toll.
  • Building corporate team strategies for better staff management.

You can depend on GuidanceClinicIndia for creating programs to meet your specific personal and organizational needs and cover areas related to creativity, team work, communication, presentation skills, solving leadership, problems, facilitating meetings, time management, work-life balance, emotional intelligence, interpersonal relationships, developing selling and influencing skills and organizing demonstrations for trainers and any other requirement.

Please join our Ccomprehensive Institutional Sservices Package for a dynamic change in your organizational effectiveness.

 You can relieve yourself of every worry and anxiety by simply entrusting them to "GuidanceClinicIndia" who would be only too happy to find adequate remedial measures that would help you in your efforts for growth and development.


Achieving success, fulfilling goals, developing the mental attitude for confidence, success and satisfaction at work.

Connecting with your inner source of power & vision,

Developing flexibility, versatility, adaptability to stay ahead of the competition. Develop productive relationships with your team and lead it to deliver superior results. Managing professional relationships - With superiors, subordinates and co-workers.

Effective Communication & Empathy

Training for creativity, Problem solving and innovation.

Listening skills analysis,

Art of conversation, Active listening.

Organizational etiquette, socializing, instant positively, making people feel important, empathy, positive and negative feedback

The Context of Unconscious Communication: Basics of presenting, importance of managing physiology (eye contact, gestures, stance tonality etc),

Outcome of this package -

Ensure you have an action plan to achieve your desired goals / target and well plan strategies.

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Step I- Initial Interview: A short session with the expert counselor for exchange of basic information that would help him to understand the aspirations, interests, strengths and weakness of the student.

Step -II Testing: Results of all psychometric tests are given to the student in the form of a report card. The report is generated within 2 days. The report will have the following details:-

.            Personality profile;

.            Real interest areas with details of each Psychological test.

Step III:  Commencement of the Counseling Sessions.