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GuidanceClincIndia extends services to its clients on marriage counseling also. Marriage counseling is a type of therapy program that is designed to deal with issues that occur in the course of marriage. Issues in married life involve relationship problems, illness, infidelity, sex related problems, excessive anger, substance abuse, abnormal physical or mental conditions, same sex relationship issues, cultural clashes, financial issues, unemployment, blended families communication problems, conflicts about child rearing, infertility, changing roles such as retirement, and so on. These and the like factors contribute to distress in marriage relationships. Such strained relationship, if allowed to continue, may only worsen and eventually lead to physical or psychological problems such as depression. Whereas counseling to individual spouse or to the couple jointly can prove of immense help in resolving issues and heal wounds.  Ineffable relationship can also create problems on the job and affect family members and children, or even friends, as people feel compelled to take sides. Therefore it is only advisable that partners in marriage share their agonies and anxieties with GuidanceClincIndia and seek assistance and counseling from our expert counselors.



It will also be pertinent to suggest here that marital discord and troubled relationship may, over the time, prove greatly hazardous. Even simple lack of intimacy and overall decrease in quality of the marriage without much sings of a discord and troubled relationship may be extremely harmful.

As has been said elsewhere on these pages, you can bestow complete faith in us on the aspect of confidentiality and secrecy. The information and facts shared with us will be a guarded secret for ever.

However our services are not limited to post-marriage issues alone. Our guidance and assistance can also be sought for making a fitting match for matrimony. We would offer you an assessment of the Psychological Personality Trait Profile of the suggested match which could help you make a perfect choice.

Below are the few issues that prop up and cause disharmony in marriage:-

  • Women's issues
  • Parenting issues;
  • Body image issues;
  • Depression;
  • Anxiety;
  • Domestic Violence Survival;
  • Sexual Abuse/assault;
  • Issues with food and eating habits;
  • Stress;
  • Grief and loss;
  • Relationship difficulties;
  • Self mediation;
  • Low Self esteem;


    • High Self esteem;
    • Coping with pet loss;
    • Health-Related issues;
    • Inferiority complex;
    • Overestimation;
    • Underestimation;
    • High Ego Problem; etc. etc.
    • Men's issues
    • Work issues;
    • Depression;
    • Relationship Difficulties;
    • Grief and Loss Issues;
    • Anxiety;
    • Parenting Issues;
    • Health related Issues;
    • High Ego Problem;
    • High Self esteem;
    • Inferiority complex;
    • Overestimation;
    • Underestimation;
    • High Ego Problem; etc.

    Marriage counseling encourages couples or partners for joint therapy sessions. The counselor helps couples pinpoint and understand the roots of their conflicts and tries to resolve them .The couple is advised to analyze both the negative and positive aspects of their relationship. The Marriage Counselor remains totally impartial and endeavors to teach them the skills to solidify relationship.  The exercise involves open communication, an effort to solve problems together and discussing differences rationally. The counseling sessions may however not be very easy always. Discussing your problems with the counselor may again pose certain uneasiness as you and your partner will be carrying with you the unpleasantness of the past and the suppressed anger, your agonies and sorrows. But you will certainly very soon realize that coming for counseling was undoubtedly a right step in the right direction.   In certain cases involving mental illness or substance abuse, the counselor may associate himself with the other health care professionals who may be working on your case to be able to provide best of counseling. As you go through the marriage counseling, you will be able to note and experience the rising level of your capacity to cope up with the differences and healthier relationship. 

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