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Welcome to GuidanceClinicIndia online counseling session through the  Videoconferencing option.

You will need:  

 Required Setup: To start counseling session with you ,you will need these things:

  1. A reasonably fast computer
  2. A Broadband connection
  3. A Webcam
  4. A  Microphone

If you have any inquiry please Call +91 97 555 87 201

In any case you are not reaching this number, please send voice message.

Step I – Initial Interview:- An expert counselor psychologist will talk to you for 10 minutes to obtain basic information. The objective of this session is to understand the aspiration, interests, strengths & weakness of the client.

Step II – Testing:- The tests’ aim to find out the objective psychological status of the client. Some test will be on paper and some on the computer. After the full analysis of the every test GCI will start the counseling session of next step.

Step III – Starting Counseling Session.