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Personal counseling is focused on emotional, psychological or interpersonal issues. Our counselors may help you deal with all your problems and suggest solutions that may sometimes require learning new skills, changing behavioral habits and cultivating the skills and bent of mind to view the situations in a different manner.

Counseling allows you an intimate, one-to-one approach to a trust-worthy person, who possesses the expertise and training to help you deal with all such apparent or hidden problems that may be hindering your psychological well being and overall personal growth. This service is open to one and all, irrespective of one's age, profession or academic level. GCI will strive to help them deal with every problem and anxiety including but not limited to anxiety, depression, relationship issues and substance abuse etc. etc.

One can look for a trusted friend in the counselors from GuidanceClinicIndia, as we maintain strict confidentiality regarding the cases of our clients and attach greatest importance to their right of privacy and secrecy.

Some of the common behavioral problems are as follows:-

          • Coping with stress;
          • Improving mood and overcoming depression;
          • Enhancing self esteem;
          • Managing anxiety;
          • Surviving grief and loss;
          • Adjusting to college or new environs;   
          • Improving relationship with others;
          • Dealing with emotional trauma (e.g. abuse, assault. etc.);
          • Understanding sexual orientation and identity;
          • Coping with family and childhood issues;
          • Ending substance abuse;
          • Communication difficulties;
          • Premarital concerns;
          • Anger and conflict;
          • Intimacy related issues;
          • Ego related issues;
          • Gender issues;
          • Financial crisis;
          • Sex issues;
          • Infertility related issues;
          • Adoption related issues;
          • Chronic illness;
          • Feeling Significant; Sadness, depression, anger, guilt, despondency or anxiety;
          • Decreased ability to carry out routine activities;
          • Disturbed sleep;
          • Emotional stress;
          • Physical distress such as pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, chest pain and muscular tension;
          • Disharmony with family members;
          • Remorse over past behavior;
          • Distress over other losses;
          • Multiple stressors;
          • Thought of hurting yourself or others;
          • Work and Career concerns;
          • Anxiety and depression;
          • Eating disorders;
          • Development issues;
          • Sexual Functioning;
          • Sexual identity;
          • Religious and spiritual issues;
          • Drug and alcohol dependence and abuse;
          • Post traumatic stress disorder;
          • Childhood incest and sexual abuse;
          • Lonesomeness Etc.


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Step I – Initial Interview:- An expert counselor psychologist will talk to you for 10 minutes to obtain basic information. The objective of this session is to understand the aspiration, interests, strengths & weakness of the client.

Step II – Testing:- The tests’ aim to find out the objective psychological status of the client. Some test will be on paper and some on the computer. After the full analysis of the every test GCI will start the counseling session of next step.

Step III – Starting Counseling Session.