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Guidance Clinic India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading developers of psychological assessment products and consulting services. Guidance Clinic India Pvt. Ltd. presents its self developed tool "Psychological kundli" which is a very large catalogue of psychometric tests. Guidance Clinic India Pvt. Ltd. holds the intellectual property of the Psychological kundli. Psychological kundli is a Trade Mark owned by Guidance Clinic India Pvt. Ltd.

Psychological kundli offers a range of flexible testing and assessment solutions, through to scoring and interpretation. All of our assessment services are designed to help you for maximum performance and organizational success.

Psychological Kundli assessments provide a systematic and objective description of a person's psychological functioning based on responses to psychometric tests. Tests have been researched and developed to meet accurate scientific standards. They quantify a person's subjective experience and allow for accurate comparisons. We have extensive experience in the application of these techniques for assessing people in a wide range of Career, Health, Finance, Romance and HR situations.

Psychological Kundli, this tool may include both objective and projective psychological assessment techniques. Psychological kundli offers a full validation and review service to help you get the most out of your assessment.

Our assessment experts are fully qualified psychologists and HR professionals who can advise you on which techniques are most suitable for your needs .As Business Psychologists; we are experts in the application of psychometric assessments to the workplace. We have a highly dedicated team of research scholars, reputed experts in the field of educational and psychological measurement and subject teachers spread across the country that jointly develop 'psychological kundli' to suit the requirements of the test users. So you will have the assurance of knowing that you are dealing with experts having an unrivalled depth of scientific and applied knowledge to help you get the most from your assessment.