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Corporate Yoga |Yoga Therapy |Yoga Tour |Yoga Shoping |Yoga Event
Corporate Yoga teaching service specializing in private and group classes designed to meet individual client's needs. We make yoga accessible to people at all levels creating a safe and comfortable environment to pursue balance, healing and inner strength. Our mission is to provide yoga classes and workshops designed to increase well-being for optimal health, productivity and performance. Hatha yoga is a scientific discipline of awakening the body's intelligence and removing stress and tension at their source. All tension, both physical and mental, is stored somewhere in the body and stress reduction is a matter of discovering how to release tension on both levels. Yoga removes stress from both sources since tension in one area has a direct affect on the other. Our classes offer simple, safe, and practical techniques that quickly reduce tension and stress at any time and place, especially the workplace. Corporate Yoga classes provide you with:
1. Ways to identify stress signals and indicators
2. Posture improvement for prevention of aches and pains 3. Strength building for greater resistance to stress
4. Techniques for the workplace designed to alleviate tension
5. Safe exercises that bring more energy and balance to the body
6. Breathing techniques to energize or calm the body/mind 7. Activate the powers of mind.
8. Be happy, focused, relaxed and confident person. 9. Activate hidden talents, capacities and talents.
10. Connect to real self and experiences freedom from modern life stresses.
11. Achieve lasting health and well being. 12. Stay calmer, think better, and have better productivity
13. Achieve excellence in personal and professional life.
14. Master of own life 15. Increase stamina and alertness.
16. Promote positive health at the physical, mental and emotional level.
17. Self management of time, work pressure, peer complexes, meeting deadlines.
18. Promote an effective team spirit.
19. Increase morale in workplace. 20. Decrease employee absenteeism.