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Corporate Yoga |Yoga Therapy |Yoga Tour |Yoga Shoping |Yoga Event
Corporate Yoga |Yoga Therapy |Yoga Tour |Yoga Shoping |Yoga Event
We are Using these techniques such as :
• Asana (Exercise & Stretching)
• Pranayam ( Breathing Exercises)
• Yoga Nidra & Auto suggestion (Relaxation techniques)
• Concentration and Meditation(Guided Meditation)
• Mindfulness
• Diet and Lifestyle( Healthy food habits and Kitchen remedies)
• Self-Awareness and Introspection & Positive thinking.
• Know you Self
We designed (presents) Corporate Yoga program “Yoga for Healthy Workplace” for the positive physical and mental health of the employees for the corporate group, The unique feature of this program is that it based on two approaches that are ---science of Yoga and Psychology (Psychological Counseling and Testing& Assessment).We combine yoga and psychology for best results from corporate group.